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Welcome To GMS Professional Photography

Old Fashioned Photography is not a thing of the past.

Everyone these days has a digital camera, everyone takes selfies on their phones.

But there was a time before that ...

And still today, there is much demand for professional photography - "When happy snaps simply won't do."

Real photographs make a point.

They help us remember. They illustrate and capture the sights of the world in a specific way.

Welcome to GMS Professional Photograpy.


Professional Photography With GMS - Owl Eyes




Copyright Asserted On All Images by Martin Stott


Images copyright asserted by Martin Stott. All Rights Reserved. For all uses please contact GMS for permission.
  • Black & White Photography Black & White Photography Black and white photographs of steam train, air plane in storm clouds, building on water, Arundel castle and dockside.
  • Birds Birds Owl pictures, robin readbreast, head on duck, a super cute duckling and the award winning Swan photogaph.
  • Architecture Architecture Architecture photographs - images of Manhatten, Windsor Palace from the air, steel architecture, the Lincoln memorial ... and a happy water tower.
  • Animals Animals Squirrel, newborn lamb, mating toads, English deer and horses in a field.
  • Aircraft Photography Aircraft Photography Red Arrows Diamond Formation, F16 Fighting Falcon, Spitfire, Mustang, Tornado Fighter Plane in a hard pull up and more images of aircraft.